AdSpy Review – The Best Advertising Spy Tool

AdSpy Review – The Best Advertising Spy Tool
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AdSpy is a great searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. The detailed AdSpy review below will help you better understand this tool.

What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the most popular ad spy tool for finding winning advertising, products, and more. Ad Spy allows you to quickly search through a database of thousands of adverts to find the ones that will help you expand your business.

AdSpy Review - AdSpy group buy
AdSpy group buy

Benefits of using AdSpy

AdSpy also has the following advantages over other social monitoring tools:

  • Finds the most effective ad campaigns for you.
  • It assists you in learning about your competitors’ branding.
  • Different search options are available to assist you in discovering market trends.
  • Search and filter options are available.
  • Keep an eye on your conversions.
  • Find winning and popular products with ease.
  • Provide information on affiliates.
  • Obtains large amounts of advertising data.
  • When compared to test campaigns, it saves you a lot of time and money.

Who can use AdSpy?

You can utilize Adspy for a variety of tasks, including locating products for your business and niches, determining whether they’re saturated or have promise.

Overall, whether you’re a dropshipper or run an e-commerce company, Adspy is an excellent tool for tracking your competition.

Pros & Cons of AdSpy

In the AdSpy review we will show the pros and cons of the tool.


  • Affiliates will find this item very affordable.
  • Extra 50k views for an additional fee
  • Improved search outcomes
  • Massive Facebook and Instagram ad database
  • Features that are useful and actionable
  • There are no restrictions on account sharing.


  • Some searches may experience a timeout.
  • Due to some reason, a few featured adverts are spammed on Facebook.

Main features of AdSpy

Because of its useful features, AdSpy is one of the greatest tools for spying on your Facebook competitors’ strategies. It includes everything you’ll need to take your company to new heights. In the AdSpy review we will further analyze the main features of this tool, including:

Enhanced Basic Search

The powerful basic search function is the best feature of the AdSpy program. By refining the filters, you can find any ad and receive the desired and detailed results.

AdSpy Review - Enhanced Basic Search
Enhanced Basic Search

Media type, daily likes, total likes, affiliate ID, offer ID, Networks, gender, technology, ad text, and landing sites are among the search criteria supplied by AdSpy. You can also use terms like seen after and site type to obtain content that is relevant to your search.

You can also get detailed results by including your competitor’s URL or ad text, such as shares, screenshots, impressions, and more.

Accurate Demographics

When you work as an affiliate marketer, your earning potential is limitless. By advertising the correct products and expanding your circle, you can maximize your potential. There are numerous supplier networks to choose from.

Accurate Demographics
Accurate Demographics

You may check out an ad and its purpose with Adspy by looking at the area, category, and age range. Despite the same market area, if your opponent targets a specific region, the tool may instantly design a strategy for you.

Search Through Comments

We feel this is adapt’s most powerful feature, yet many marketers are still unaware of it. Regular spy programs only provide us results based on normal and basic search queries. As a result, a significant amount of information about the audience may be overlooked.

Because so many people interact in the comments section, it’s easy to spot spammy or beneficial adverts. Ad Spy allows you to monitor both positive and negative e feedback and determine whether or not to purchase a copy.

Search Through Comments
Search Through Comments

It will also assist you in deciding whether or not to offer this particular goods. This tool is really useful if you own an e-commerce store and want to select the best products for your store.

If the product has received positive reviews, your consumer is more likely to purchase it, and you can choose a similar product.

Adspy for Affiliate Marketers

You can find adverts within an affiliate network using the AdSpy tool. You can also use their Offer ID to find specific affiliates and deals for promoting your product. The application will assist you in avoiding cloakers and providing you with perfect and accurate information from landing pages.

AdSpy pricing

AdSpy pricing plan
AdSpy pricing plan

They don’t provide AdSpy Free. The pricing plans offered by this tool AdSpy are also very simple and affordable, so anyone can easily get started right away. The best part is that they also have a free Adspy plan, which allows you used try out Adspy services and find out if it really works for you. The features that come with the price that the tool supplier states on their sales website will be clearly analyzed for you in our Adspy Review.

Let’s discuss its plans in detail and find out what plans and features they are actually offering:

  • Monthly: $ 149,00/month

Conclude about AdSpy Review

AdSpy group buyIn a word, we believe AdSpy is the most effective surveillance tool a company can have. AdSpy is a searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads that can be filtered by keyword, region, date, or company.

It has advanced search and filter options to assist users rapidly locate what they’re looking for, as well as a user-friendly layout.

It’s difficult to choose the best native advertisements spy tool among the many available, but it becomes easy when you examine the features and consequences thoroughly. This is also the greatest option if you are an affiliate marketer.

Hopefully this in-depth AdSpy review will help you decide if this article rewriting tool is worth using.

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