Shortly AI Review – The best AI writing tool for you

Shortly AI Review – The best AI writing tool for you
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You’re a content creator and looking for help to get out of your writing drudgery. The following Shortly AI Review will help you solve this problem to improve your writing better in the future.

What is Shortly AI?

Shortly AI Review - Shortly AI group buy
Shortly AI group buy

Shortlyai is a tool to support this content, helping users file the middle to create the content in many forms such as blog posts, social media posts, articles and emails by importing articles title. In a short time AI can generate original text, create content and also format for many different platforms and audiences.

Benefits of using Shortly AI

Shortlyai is programmed to produce original content in any format. The programmer can create a list of ‘keywords’ and Shortly AI will use these keywords to generate text based on the specified style. You can also enter your own words and the AI ​​will soon expand on them.

Tweak your text with the/command. Use commands to instantly rewrite, shorten, and expand your sentences. Commands help you create your perfect sentences.

Whether you’re writing your next best-selling novel or a blog post for your website, Shortly AI will help you turn your thoughts into well-written paragraphs.

Use Shortly AI when you need a creative brainstorming partner or when you want to expand and develop a thought.

All in one clean, blank, distraction-free interface shares with you

Who can use Shortly AI?

With the world going online, being able to write good content quickly has become a big plus point for many people – especially those working in SEO or digital marketing. If you are one such person, writing all relevant content for your website becomes a task. This is where technology like Shortly Ai comes in very handy.

Here are some of the people who will find this tool extremely useful:

  • People whose full-time job doesn’t involve writing
  • People who are busy with things other than writing
  • Anyone who doesn’t know how to write
  • Writers and content creators who want to save time on their work (without sacrificing quality)

Pros & Cons of Shortly AI

In the Shortly AI review we will show the pros and cons of the tool.


  • Beginner-friendly: Because the functionality of Shortly AI is so easy to navigate, users who are new to AI technology won’t have a very difficult time using Shortly AI.
  • Can be used to write on a wide range of subjects: Whether you’re a novelist, a blog post author, or a product reviewer, you can easily write your content using a Shortly AI writing assistant.
  • Free trial: It is understandable that some may want to test a product or service before fully committing to it, especially if that product or service requires payment. That’s why Shortly AI offers a free monthly trial for two months following the sign-up process.
  • Unlimited writing (per monthly/annual plan): No matter the kind of writing or content that you create, you are able to write without a limit every month/year using Shortly AI.


  • No live customer support or service: There are sometimes instances when certain sites, apps, and functions are confusing or simply don’t work properly. This often requires direct, on-the-spot virtual assistance.
  • Unfortunately, Shortly AI does not offer any sort of live support services for these circumstances.
  • Does not offer services in multiple languages: Shortly AI may not make the best content writing assistant for those who primarily speak any language other than English. Shortly AI’s system currently only works with content that is in the English language.

Main features of ShortlyAI

Why should you use ShortlyAI as a writing assistant? Here are the top benefits of using ShortlyAI for your writing needs. In the WordAi review we will further analyze the main features of this tool, including:

Create Unique Content Automatically

ShortlyAI is powered by GPT-3 technology which is one of the world’s smartest machine learning language models.

It’s used to understand user input and improve content.

Shortly AI Review - Create Unique Content Automatically
Create Unique Content Automatically

The best thing about Shortly AI if you can produce content for any niche and the content generated by ShortlyAI is 100% original.

So, you don’t need to worry about duplicate content.

No Words Limit

Most AI writing tools don’t offer unlimited word usage. When you use AI technology to develop better content, you’ll likely waste a lot of words.

But Shortly AI gives freedom to generate unlimited words.

Shortly AI does not have a credit system, which is one of the benefits of utilizing it. As a result, you are free to write as much as you like.

They merely have a daily word restriction, which should not be exceeded in normal use.

Copyright Framework

Do you want to know how to write sales copy or ad text that converts?

If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that ShortlyAI’s “Instruct” command allows you to create any type of copy.

Select Write article
Select Write article

You may create whatever form of copywriting structure you want, such as:

  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Before-After-Bridge
  • And many more

Access to Commands for Better and Faster Writing

You must learn how to apply the commands if you want to generate better content quicker with ShortlyAI. These commands are a great way to get started using ShortlyAI.

Access to Commands for Better and Faster Writing
Access to Commands for Better and Faster Writing

Here are some of the comments available at ShortlyAI;

  • /Instruct [Text]
  • /Rewrite [Text]
  • /Shorten [Text]
  • /Expand [Text]

Write YouTube Video Script

If you’re a YouTuber then you may be tired of creating your Youtube video script for hours.

Shortly AI Review - Enter Title, Article Summary and a starting line
Enter Title, Article Summary and a starting line

With ShortlyAI, you can write the entire script within a few minutes.

All you need to do is use the instruction command and describe the topic in a few words. ShortlyAI will write the full script within 4-5 minutes.

Write Social Media Posts

If you manage lots of social media accounts and don’t have time to create content for all of those accounts.

Shortly AI Review - Click the “Write Me” button
Click the “Write Me” button

ShortyAI can create all the social media posts for you.

Just use the “Instruct command” to write your social media posts.


Not even Youtube video scripts and Social media posts, you can write attractive emails using ShortlyAI.

Writing good emails can be very challenging sometimes.

Shortly AI helps you to create attractive and professional emails, email headings, etc.

Tip: Use the Instruct command to generate emails.


Shortly AI can help you to write anything even if you’re a book writer or novels writer. After creating your Shortly account, when you click on “New Document.”

It will ask you what you want to write; Article or Story.

Shortly AI Review - Get amazing amazing articles written by ShortAI
Get amazing amazing articles written by ShortAI

Click on the “Write a Story” button and enter your brief description of your topic then click on the “Write for me” button.

In this way, you can write an entire book with the ShortlyAI tool.

Write Anything You want

Similarly, you can write any type of content using this Artificial Intelligence tool. Here are some more examples that you can write using ShortlyAI:

  • Amazon Product Description
  • Poems & Stories
  • Letters
  • Quora Answers
  • Question Ideas
  • Blog Posts
  • YouTube Video Headings
  • Features & Benefits of Anything
  • Topic Ideas for Blog & YouTube Channel
  • Anything you want.

Compare Shortly AI pricing plan vs Shortly AI group buy cost

Shortly AI pricing plan

The pricing plans offered by this tool Shortly AI are also very simple and affordable, so anyone can easily get started right away. The best thing is that they provide a free Shortly AI plan, which allows you to test out the Shortly AI tool and see whether it is right for you. The features that come with the price that the tool supplier states on their sales website will be clearly analyzed for you in our Shortly AI Review.

Shortly AI Review - Shortly AI pricing plan
Shortly AI pricing plan

If you’re looking to get going, Shortly AI provides a 3 day trial for free before launching ShortlyAI offers two paid plans:

  • Monthly plan: $79.00
  • Annual: $65.00

Shortly AI group buy cost

Shortly AI group buy cost
Shortly AI group buy cost

At Best SEO Tool, you can choose 1 on 4 options:

  • Monthly: $15
  • 6-month: $55
  • Annual: $85
  • Trial: $2

Also, we provide Shortly AI trial from $1/day to help you test before buy monthly plan or big plan from us.

Conclude of Shortly AI Review

Without a doubt, Shortly AI can write unlimited content on any topic with 2x more power and speed than any human. It can create articles, video scripts, emails and more with the power of AI. Hopefully this Shortly AI review will help you better understand the tool.

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