Top 10 Best WordHero Alternatives: Find Your Perfect Writing Tool

Top 10 WordHero Alternatives: Find Your Perfect Writing Tool
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Are you in search of the perfect writing tool? Look no further than WordHero alternatives. While WordHero is a popular writing platform, exploring alternative options can expand your horizons and provide unique features to enhance your writing experience.

What is WordHero?

WordHero is an AI content writing tool launched in July 2021 by digital marketer Jeff Tay. With over 10k active users per month, it generates 100 million words monthly. This user-friendly tool assists in creating various types of content, such as emails, blog intros, song lyrics, and more. Its goal is to make content writing easy for everyone.


Why should you consider WordHero alternatives?

When exploring content writing tools, it’s essential to consider alternatives to WordHero. While WordHero offers valuable features and AI-powered capabilities, exploring alternatives can provide unique benefits and cater to your specific needs. Here are a few reasons why considering WordHero alternatives is worthwhile:

  • Diverse Features: Alternative tools often offer a diverse range of features that may better align with your content creation requirements. These features could include specialized writing templates, advanced grammar and style checks, enhanced collaboration options, or industry-specific optimizations.
  • Customization: Different content creators have unique preferences and styles. Exploring alternatives allows you to find a tool that offers customization options to tailor the writing experience to your liking. This includes personalized writing prompts, adjustable tone and style suggestions, and customizable content structures.
  • Targeted Capabilities: Depending on your specific content goals, alternative tools may offer targeted capabilities that are better suited to your needs. For example, if you require extensive SEO optimization and keyword research, there may be alternatives that specialize in these areas, helping you achieve higher search engine rankings and improved content performance.
  • Workflow Efficiency: Each content creator has their own workflow and preferred writing process. WordHero alternatives might provide workflow enhancements such as seamless integrations with other tools or platforms, streamlined content planning and organization, and efficient editing and revision functionalities.
  • Pricing and Value: Exploring alternatives allows you to compare pricing plans, subscription models, and value-for-money propositions. You may discover a tool that offers similar or even superior features to WordHero at a more affordable price point or with additional benefits like customer support, training resources, or free trial periods.

In summary, considering WordHero alternatives gives you the opportunity to find a content writing tool that best meets your individual requirements. By exploring the diverse range of options available, you can uncover tools with unique features, customization options, targeted capabilities, improved workflow efficiency, and better value for your investment.

Top 10 Best WordHero Alternatives

Any company that values client retention must prioritize the copywriting process. Considering the importance of content marketing in achieving corporate goals, it is essential to have access to high-quality content creation resources.

Many companies have found success with tools like WordHero, but it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, there are other WordHero alternatives, some of which provide greater features or a more reasonable price. To assist you elevate your content game, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 greatest WordHero alternatives.


Rytr is an AI content generator and writing assistant that supports various types of content, including blog posts, email and ad copy, outlines, stories, and more. It is designed to cater more towards content writers rather than businesses.

To use Rytr, you provide the tool with information about the type of content you want to generate and provide some initial input for context. The AI then generates the content for you, which you can further edit using the built-in rich text editor.


In addition to generating content, Rytr also offers features to enhance the content you write. It can automatically fix, reword, shorten, or expand your sentences as needed, helping you improve the quality of your writing.

Key features of Rytr

  • AI writer
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Keyword research
  • SERP analysis
  • Image generator
  • Outline & brief generator
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Custom use cases
  • Automatic reword/expand/improve
  • Writing profile
  • Team collaboration
  • Integrations


Writecream is an AI writing assistant that was founded by Mr. Krittin Kalra in 2021. It is a relatively new AI writer that assists users in generating high-quality content for various purposes, including blogs, social media posts, emails, ads, and more.


Writecream leverages the power of Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), which is considered one of the most advanced language prediction models. GPT-3 has been trained on a massive dataset of 175 billion parameters, enabling it to generate content that is realistic and accurate when given a prompt.

In addition to GPT-3, Writecream also employs its own custom AI model for certain advanced features such as email personalization or LinkedIn personalization. By combining their custom AI model with GPT-3, Writecream aims to produce more relevant and tailored results for specific use cases.

Key features of Writecream

  • Good Product and Ad Tools
  • Long-form Editor
  • Image Generator
  • Chrome Extension
  • Create Voiceovers
  • 20 icebreakers
  • 2 long articles (5,000 words each)
  • 4 short articles (1,000 words each)
  • 4 podcasts
  • 4 YouTube voice-overs
  • Every content template
  • Chat & Email Support
  • AI Copywriter’s Community


Frase is a content writing software designed to assist users in identifying and organizing content opportunities by analyzing search results. It enables users to plan their content and optimize it for search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, Frase features a built-in AI writing tool that can generate unique content.


With Frase, users can improve their content strategy, research topics, and create engaging and SEO-friendly content. It offers various features such as AI-generated content outlines, topic research, SEO optimization suggestions, content collaboration, and integration with popular content management systems.

Key features of Frase

  • AI-generated Content Outlines: Frase utilizes artificial intelligence to generate content outlines based on search results and user inputs. These outlines serve as a framework for creating comprehensive and well-structured content.
  • Topic Research and Content Briefings: Frase helps users research relevant topics by providing insights into popular search queries, related questions, and trending content. It also offers content briefings that summarize important information on a given topic.
  • SEO Optimization Suggestions: Frase provides recommendations to optimize content for search engine optimization (SEO). It suggests relevant keywords, offers insights on keyword usage, and provides guidance to improve the overall SEO performance of your content.
  • Content Collaboration and Workflow Management: Frase offers collaboration tools that enable teams to work together on content creation. It provides features such as content annotation, version control, and task management, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient workflow.
  • Integration with Content Management Systems: Frase integrates with popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and HubSpot, allowing users to seamlessly import and publish their content.


Scalenut is an AI writing tool with several capabilities for short and long-form articles. It helps content producers, marketers, and enterprises write better, faster.

Scalenut offers templates and tools for writing blog posts, articles, social network postings, product descriptions, and more. It has an easy-to-use editor for writing and formatting.

Scalenut’s Cruise Mode simplifies long-form content development. Cruise Mode lets users enter their core keyword and let the AI construct suitable content paragraphs and sections. This simplifies and improves writing.


Scalenut also helps users SEO their content. It offers SEO advice to boost content exposure and ranking. Scalenut interacts with common platforms and applications, enabling content management and collaboration. It integrates with CMSs, social networking, and more. This AI writing assistant offers a wide range of tools and features to speed up, improve, and optimize content development.

Key features of Scalenut

  • AI-powered writing tool for generating short and long-form content
  • Offers templates and tools for various content types (blog posts, articles, social media, etc.)
  • Cruise Mode for effortless creation of long-form content based on main keyword
  • SEO component for optimizing content for search engines
  • Provides SEO suggestions and insights
  • Sales-oriented content generation
  • Emotional analysis for more impactful messaging
  • A/B testing of generated content


Bramework is an AI-powered long-form writing assistant designed to simplify the process of creating compelling and SEO-friendly blog posts. Bramework leverages the power of GPT-3 and its proprietary technology to generate high-quality content that drives conversions.


Key features of Bramework

  • AI Writing Assistant
  • AI Blog TItles
  • AI Blog Outlines
  • Keyword Research
  • Ability to examine related keywords, top questions, and SERP results within the editor
  • Built-in SEO guide with an SEO score and analyzer to optimize posts for search engines
  • Simplifies the writing process by automating content generation
  • Enables crafting of SEO-optimized articles that have a higher chance of ranking on Google
  • Saves time and effort by streamlining the content creation process

LongShot AI

LongShot AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that utilizes advanced capabilities based on GPT-4. It is designed to assist content creators in generating long-form content efficiently. With LongShot AI, you can overcome writer’s block and expedite your content creation process.

LongShot AI
LongShot AI

One of the standout features of LongShot AI is its ability to offer more customization options. You have the option to provide your own preferred links, allowing you to guide the AI in generating content that aligns with your preferences. This feature enhances your control over the output and ensures that the content meets your specific requirements.

Key features of LongShot AI

  • FactGPT
  • Semantic SEO
  • Customize Templates
  • Fact Check
  • Extensive template library
  • Keyword Optimization for SEO
  • Customize content depending on your audience needs and preferences

Texta AI

Texta AI is an AI writing assistant that generates advanced content suggestions for various types of copy. It offers customizable templates for different content needs and integrates with e-commerce platforms. The tool adapts the language and tone based on the target audience. Texta AI streamlines content creation and helps produce engaging copy efficiently.

Texta AI
Texta AI

Key features of Texta AI

  • Powered by GPT-4
  • Texta ChatBot
  • 296 Blog styles
  • 678 Writing tools
  • Extensive Template Library – Choose from over 1000+ templates
  • Advanced Mode Pro writing assistant
  • Zapier Integrations
  • SEO Keyword Suggestions
  • Multi-language Support
  • Picture Auto Mode
  • YouTube Auto Mode

Neuron Writer

Neuron Writer helps content producers write engaging, high-quality material using AI. It uses complex language models to improve grammar, readability, and creativity in writing. Neuron Writer improves productivity and content production for authors in numerous fields.

Neuron Writer
Neuron Writer

Key features of Neuron Writer

  • Al content writing with 20+ templates (GPT engines & ChatGPT)
  • Competitor SERP analysis
  • Advanced content outline based on competition and user iintent
  • Internal link suggestions
  • Easy to follow checklist
  • NLP content optimization
  • Content planning
  • Schema data explorer
  • Chrome extension
  • Certificates / Academy
  • All languages with NeuronWriter language models (forms,variants, plural forms, and synonyms)


Nichesss is an AI copywriting tool that utilizes GPT-3 technology to generate content for blogs, emails, marketing copy, social media, and more. It focuses on assisting users in developing new product and service concepts, generating income through strong business plans, and discovering fresh business prospects.


Nichesss achieves this by analyzing various data sources, including advertising trends, news, and social networking, to provide valuable insights and innovative ideas for business growth. The tool offers excellent value for money, automates the writing process through a quick form-based approach, and supports diverse content types, making it a valuable resource for content creators and business professionals.

Key features of Nichesss

  • AI-powered content generation: Nichesss uses GPT-3 to produce blog posts, emails, marketing copy, and social media material.
  • Idea creation and business planning: The tool helps customers create new company ideas and solid business strategies to boost income.
  • Data research and insights: Nichesss analyzes advertising patterns, news, and social media to find new business opportunities.
  • Quick form-based process: Users fill out a form and offer instructions, and Nichesss generates the content.
  • Diverse content types: Nichesss can write for blogs, emails, marketing materials, and social media, meeting the demands of companies and people.
  • Innovative thinking and idea generation: The tool uses AI and data analysis to inspire fresh ideas and insights.
  • News and advertising trends: Nichesss informs consumers about advertising trends.


HelloScribe is an AI-powered platform that provides PR and marketing professionals with precise AI tools. It is intended to assist professionals in sparking innovative ideas, creating captivating content, and standing out in a crowded digital world.


HelloScribe offers a variety of AI Writing and Brainstorming Tools for professionals to use in seconds to brainstorm, write articles, generate headlines, advertising, summaries, messages, and more. HelloScribe seeks to simplify the content production process for PR and marketing professionals by providing them with a strong AI toolkit for rapidly and effectively producing high-quality content.

Key features of HelloScribe

  • 100+ Precision Al Tools
  • Unlock infinite ideas and tailor-made content
  • Supports 50+ Languages
  • Live Chat Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates


WordHero alternatives provide authors with a wealth of options for more sophisticated features, user-tailored environments, and cutting-edge tools. You’ll find ten great options, each with its own set of advantages, outlined in this post. Whether you need an AI-powered assistant, a collaboration tool, a content optimization platform, or specialist specialty assistance, you may find the ideal solution. Find the writing tool that meets your requirements, interests, and creative goals by exploring these possibilities. Write on, happily!

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