Spamzilla Review – The best tool to buy expired domains

Spamzilla Review – The best tool to buy expired domains
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Welcome to our Spamzilla Review. Spamzilla is one of the best programs for finding and qualifying expired and abandoned domains. In this article we’ll show you everything you need to know about buying one, expired domains with the help of this tool.

What is Spamzilla?

SpamZilla is a powerful tool that helps you find high quality expired domains with great SEO value in them. These domains also contain backlink data. SpamZilla contains millions of expired domains that you can buy at affordable prices or you can also bid on auction domains.

Spamzilla Review – The Best Domain Database on the market
Spamzilla Review – The Best Domain Database on the market

Cloud-based Spamzilla uses auction and expired domain listings to categorize mistreated URLs. As a first step, we use APIs from Majestic and Ahref as well as GoDaddy Auctions and Pending Delete to find each domain’s backlink profile, metrics and text links.

The cloud program will then scan Wayback Machine,, and to see if the domain was previously used for PBNs or spam. A report is generated by the software after it scans URLs for malicious content.

Using a scale of one to one hundred, Spamzilla assesses messages. A score of 1 indicates an extremely clean site, while a score of 100 indicates that the site has been flooded with spam. Under the age of 20 is safe. Domains rated under 20 may be considered spam in some cases. There are a few domains that have a score above 20 but are otherwise clean. Examine domains with your eyes wide open. Internal rules are what we mean by filters.

What are expired domains and why we should make use of them?

If the domain’s owner has not renewed it, it is considered expired and can be registered again. These domains may have SEO value, which saves you both time and money.

There are three ways in which expired domains can be used to your advantage:

  • You can get on the first page of Google without doing any work by creating a content-heavy site on a powerful expired domain.
  • Domains that are no longer in use can be used to create an enormous number of high-quality, authoritative websites. As a result, a higher page rank and more visitors to your website are possible outcomes.
  • A 301 redirect is another option if you have an expired domain. Your site will immediately benefit from the link juice and authority of the expired domain.

Pros and Cons of Spamzilla

There are two sides to every coin. Nothing is perfect and this tool is not an exception.


  • Automatic spam check
  • You can find private domains
  • Credits for custom domain listings
  • Advanced filters for auctions and expired domains
  • You can find domains with authority backlinks
  • Discover only clean domains with strong backlinks
  • Analyze historical data and backlink data of a domain
  • The best domains selected for automatic spam checking


  • They should include more filter options to narrow down the search

Features of Spamzilla

Spamzilla’s key features will be examined in detail in this article, including:

Backlinks Miner

If you’re considering purchasing an expired domain, you’ll want high-quality backlinks from sites with authoritative domain names. Using Spamzilla, you can find high-quality, powerful backlinks by crawling 100 or more backlinks per domain and using the analysis provided by the tool. Determine the appropriate backlink quality for your situation, and then spend the time necessary to find the best possible link.

Backlinks Miner
Backlinks Miner

Given the importance of high-quality backlinks for SEO, this tool is a goldmine. Determine the quality and relevance of backlinks by quickly examining the web pages they catch. source .Some links will direct you to obvious spam sites, which is a good sign to avoid them and move on.

Expired Domain Spam Detection

Because of Spamzilla’s sophisticated automated spam checking technology (basically a proprietary algorithm), you can feel secure about using an expired domain name as an important SEO strategy to boost your site’s authority. An expired domain can be accurately analyzed by Spamzilla by analyzing backlink data, past site-specific data, and a wide range of other factors. As long as the expired domain doesn’t contain any spam, you can buy with confidence. The Spamzilla Score is also calculated here. In order to calculate the score, we use the following:

  • An analysis of the link’s quality, DR, and other factors.
  • If you’re using anchor text, think about the quality and how often you’re using it.
  • For example, it is common for websites to have a large number of redirects to other pages.
  • The Domain Age is a variable component that is determined by a combination of other data.
  • Count the number of times the domain name has been registered using

Advanced Filters

In this section, you have the opportunity to vary your search terms with over 70 data filters available from five different sources. Take your time now, because this is the last place you’ll find what you’re looking for. What you put in is what you get in return.

Advanced Filters
Advanced Filters

Ahrefs, Moz, and other similar services make it easy to filter data, as you may already be familiar with their data metrics.

Additional SEO Tools

A few SEO tools can help you complete your research on an expired domain or at auction before you spend any money on it.

  • In order to avoid wasting time and money, you should use a domain availability checker.
  • Spamzill’s expired domain tools even allow you to check your own private list of domains.
  • You can compare the prices of domain names between different registrars.
  • In order to download an entire website in HTML, you can use the Wayback Exporter tool.

Compare Spamzilla plan and Spamzilla group buy price

Spamzilla pricing plan

The Spamzilla tool pricing plans are simple and affordable, so anyone can easily get started right away. Best of all, they offer a free Spamzilla plan that allows you to try out the Spamzilla tool to see if it’s right for you. The features that come with the price offered by the provider on the website will be analyzed in our Spamzilla Review.

Spamzilla Price Plan
Spamzilla pricing plan

Currently, the manufacturer is offering the following Spamzilla pricing packages:

  • Free Plan: $0/month
  • Standard Plan: $37/month

Spamzilla group buy price

Group buy Spamzilla price from Best Seo Tool
Group buy Spamzilla price from Best Seo Tool

At Best Seo Tool, we offer Spamzilla at the following prices:

  • 1 month: $7
  • 3 months:$19
  • Annual: $70

You will receive:

  • Full Access Millions Of Expired Domains
  • Automated Spam Checking
  • Domain Backlink Data
  • 185 Credits For Custom Domain Lists per month ( each user)
  • 70+ Database Filters
  • Newly Added Domains Emailed Daily

Conclusion Spamzilla Review

SpamZilla comes with powerful features like – auto spam detection, backlinks, advanced filters, SEO tools, domain support, etc. to help you find powerful and reliable, safe and secure domains to buy. The dashboard of this tool is efficient and simple, where it is extremely easy to find and buy domains. All in all, SpamZilla is a reliable platform that helps you find strong expired domains with authoritative and good backlinks to buy.

Hopefully, this Spamzilla Review has helped you better grasp the tool’s benefits, features, and pricing so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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