WriterZen Review – Content Creator tool for Writers

WriterZen Review – Content Creator tool for Writers
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WriterZen is an AI-based SEO content creation tool for Writers. You can automatically generate high-quality, original content for your niche to attract more customers, visitors, and sales.

WriterZen will help you find keywords and explore topics. It also allows you to compare your competitors, rank for highly competitive keywords, and more. WriterZen allows you to create more SEO-friendly content. You can create more SEO-friendly content with less effort and AI.

Don’t worry about writer’s blocks or hiring content writers again. Join thousands of satisfied copywriters, marketers, entrepreneurs, who use WriterZen to gain an unfair advantage in growing their businesses.

This WriterZen Review review will discuss how to make the most of WriterZen as an entrepreneur, blogger, content creator, and entrepreneur.

What is WriterZen?


WriterZen, a pioneering toolset, solves the most pressing creative issues by combining all types of content research into one platform. WriterZen can be used as a single platform for all your content needs. It curates the best resources available on the internet and then presents them to you in one, fluid interface that is easy to use. WriterZen is a great Ai Copywriting Software.

WriterZen was founded around the idea that content creation is more effective when it happens in a community. Although the interface is elegant, its real beauty lies in its ability to facilitate collaboration by allowing multiple people access articles simultaneously. WriterZen allows anyone to collaborate with one another and produce beautiful results – designers, programmers writers, marketers, consultants.

The best thing? WriterZen allows you to access all their resources without having to spend hundreds of dollars on software and hiring top-tier talent. You can spend your time creating great content. WiterZen believes that writing is not just about putting words on paper. Good writing requires research. WriterZen encourages research before you write.

Benefits Of Using WriterZen

  • WriterZen makes it easier and faster to work. There’s no need to switch between apps.
  • SEO like the pros: WriterZen integrates various SEO tools to quickly identify and fill in content gaps. SERP-optimized content, guaranteed.
  • Write with more confidence: WriterZen’s grammar and plagiarism tools will help you improve your word usage, punctuation and uniqueness.
  • WriterZen: Get what you deserve. WriterZen offers an all-encompassing writing solution that is less expensive than buying thousands of separate content optimization tools.

Who can use WriterZen?

WritersZen is home to a group of passionate writers. They are skilled, professionals, and well-educated in their field. Because there are so many writing sites out there, the focus is on quality and not quantity. Their model is best for producing quality content that engages readers, establishes credibility, and produces high-quality results.

  • WriterZen can be used by marketers to create impactful content. This is possible through the development of skills and knowledge in writing, marketing and software tools such as Grammarly.
  • WritersZen is a tool that designers can use to improve their UX design skills. You can use WritersZen to improve your copywriting skills by solving daily challenges that show real-life examples for marketing materials you are creating.
  • WriterZen allows programmers to improve their technical writing skills, which will allow them to work as consultants. This will increase their earning potential. You can also increase your customer service skills which will allow you to work more effectively for clients.
  • Writers can use WriterZen for daily lessons to improve their writing skills. You can also develop your career by becoming a copywriter, project manager, or consultant with communication skills.
  • WriterZen can be used by consultants to improve their communication skills and create a portfolio of writing samples they can show prospective clients to prove that they are qualified for the job.

How does WriterZen work?

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer

To ensure that keyword research is done correctly, it is important to provide complete information about the market size, the level and detail competition for the keyword, as well as the search intent of the user.

Get insights from powerful metrics: Every keyword suggestion is accompanied with a variety of metrics that offer valuable insight using only the most current data.

  • Search Volume: The average monthly search volume for a keyword over 12 months. This allows you to determine keyword frequency.
  • Trend: The amount of interest shown in a search query for the past 12 months. This allows you to see how many times a keyword was Googled in the past year.
  • Cost per click: This is the average cost for a user to click on an advertisement. This can be used to identify keywords that are relevant to your seed and which attract users frequently.
  • Keyword Difficulty (in percent): This is the difficulty level for keywords that outperform their competitors. This is used to determine the top 20 URLs that contain keywords most commonly associated with your seed.
  • Allintitle/GKR: This is a list of all search engine results pages with the seed in the title. This allows you to quickly scan through the competition and create new content strategies.
  • Keyword Trending: This displays how search volume changes for certain keywords over the course of two consecutive months. This is useful for locating keywords that are seasonalally ranked.

Find Golden Keywords with Ease: Keyword golden ratio is a metric that indicates how many pages are competing for the keyword. The lower the ratio, the better your chances of ranking on Google.

  • To find keywords that have low competition but high search volume, use the Keyword Golden Ratiometric.
  • Even for non-specific subjects, you can get the best search results and high-converting recommendations.
  • With 99% accuracy, estimate monthly traffic from search engines.
  • Consider the potential for long-tail keywords with high rankings and low competition.

Automated Cluster Keywords with 100% Accuracy: Use the data representation to automatically categorize keywords based upon their relevance, popularity and part of speech compared to the seed.

  • To rank your content, group keywords together into clusters.
  • To properly organize your content, use keywords from different groups.
  • Our patent AI allows you to take advantage of keywords that are automatically grouped by relevance.
  • Engage insights from multiple clusters to maximize your page’s traffic potential.
  • Use closely related keywords to generate interesting content.

Use The Insight Generator to Generate Quality Ideas: This tool provides a variety of useful and precise metrics that can be used to help you understand how keywords are best matched to your content.

  • Fill in the gaps with your content by using the most popular suggestions of your audience.
  • Based on search intents, score the most popular questions and topics.
  • Explore your options by reverse engineering the content strategy of your competitor.
  • Learn where your content marketing should be directed.

Save All Your Keywords in One Place: Choose and add a list of your favourite keywords to a custom-made list. This will allow you to quickly access, share, and reuse it again.

  • Select your preferred keywords and save them to the Keyword List.
  • For easy access, keep all your priority keywords in one list.
  • You can create up to 50 databases each with 1000 keywords.

Topic Discovery

Topic Discovery

Find the latest headlines and trends, understand customer concerns, and discover the best title using content gap analysis. Discover new topics and content ideas that will engage your audience.

Are you struggling with writer’s block and want to unleash your creative potential? Don’t fret. You can simply do a Google search for the keywords you choose and receive a list with viral headlines, questions and phrases from the top 100 URLs.

  • Search for the most relevant topics.
  • For more convenience, sort results by metrics like Search Volume, Headlines Relevancy and Topic Insights.
  • To find new perspectives on your topic, search for related topics.
  • You can use the search results to create strategic content that ranks high for your desired seed.

You Can Find the Most Popular Headlines for Each Seed: Use the many metrics provided to locate current trends and subtopics used by your competitors.

  • To find topics and themes that resonate with your target audience, use the most compelling headline.
  • You can maximize organic engagement with your audience through comparing topic insights based upon popularity.

Think like your Audience: Find out what the most popular themes are being discussed by your audience regarding your seed. This includes questions, statements and comparisons.

  • You can find out what your audience wants by looking at popular searches.
  • To generate more topic ideas and relevant keywords, you can use the insights generated by search results.
  • Find Content Gap Opportunities: Seek out subtopics that are being covered by competitors. Find content strategies that work quickly.
  • You can quickly create a content template and receive actionable SEO suggestions for your next article.
  • Find your topics in a Mindmap. Discover new ideas in the most intuitive and creative ways.
  • WriterZen allows you to store your favourite topics and titles. It is cheaper than buying separate apps. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for dozens of keyword research tools and content tools.

Content Creator

Content Creator

You can easily create structured SEO content and share your ideas with collaborators.

Create Masterful Content with Ease: Quickly create the perfect article using precise analytics and real time suggestions from top 20 competitors URLs.

  • Compare the top 20 URLs that are relevant to your seed.
  • To better understand your audience, use Google Suggest insights.
  • Real-time recommendations regarding the optimal content structure, such as length, paragraph count and image association.
  • To maximize your SERP performance, arrange, rearrange and modify your content.

Rapidly Create Content Outlines

  • You can easily add or remove headings and topic ideas to your outline.
  • Optimize your creation using targeted keywords at optimal density.
  • You can easily access all of your data in a single layout.

Enjoy A Lavish Edit Editor: Make use of the many features of this vibrant and useful editor, including live suggestions, content scoring and note-tracking.

  • You can get live suggestions to help you with the entire writing process.
  • Full-screen capabilities and content scoring keep your attention on the project.
  • Export facilities permit you to save files in a variety of common formats so that you can share them easily.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker is the last and most important feature. It will help you determine if your content is too similar to that of another website.

To see how accurate and effective this feature is, here are 2 sentences taken from AFC Dallas’s post “How to Prevent Ankle pain While Running?” To supplement the 2 lines, I also wrote a brief section.

WriterZen plagiarism checker

The results were amazing. The plagiarism checker could not only identify the copied lines (lines underlined in red).

It also brought up the AFC Dallas article, which I had sourced from there. All of the original content was verified as authentic and mine. This feature works great.

This plagiarism checker has the best feature that you can visit the site from which it was flagged.

You can go through the content and avoid any similarity.

Exporting your plagiarism report can be used to share it with others. This is great for proving article authenticity to clients.

WriterZen Review Pros & Cons


User Interface

Simple naming of the features and interface is easy to use. Excellent UI design allows for quick access to the features below the dashboard.

Allintitle and KGR

Two amazing features in WriterZen can be used to enhance our content. KGR and Allintitle help us rank higher, and give us unique topics and ideas.

The keywords we receive are precise and can be used to help content writers create good, unique content.


AppSumo’s lifetime deal at $69.99 is affordable This AppSumo lifetime deal of $69.99 offers a powerful, all-in-one SEO tool with outstanding features at an affordable price. You will find similar features on other platforms at a higher price.

Good credit limits

WriterZen offers generous credit limits with the AppSumo life deal. You get 70 credits to use the content creator tool, 250 words limit using the Keyword Explorer tool, 40000 word limit for Plagiarism Checker, 200k keyword credits, and 70 credits each month.

Topic Explorer

This is a wonderful tool with great topic ideas and suggestions. This tool will help you rank higher in search engine results and save you time.


Not good content creator

The Content Creator allows you to add keywords to your article. It isn’t as good as Marketmuse or Frase. WriterZen’s tool needs to be improved.

Information about Backlinks is not available

WriterZen does not allow you to include backlinks. Although this is possible for beginners, it can be problematic for professionals bloggers and content creators.

No competitor analysis

WriterZen does not provide an analysis of your competitors’ rankings and keywords. This would have been an amazing feature if it was.

Plagiarism Checker Not Good

WriterZen’s Plagiarism Checker tool produced average results compared to other plagiarism-checking tools.

WriterZen Review Pricing

Official price

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen offers transparent pricing and flexible plans. Personalization options are available for all sizes of teams, at any stage of your business.

  • Basic Plan: Ideal for single-project work by solo users.
  • Standard Plan: This plan is ideal for small teams that are working on multiple projects.
  • Advanced Plan: Designed for large digital marketing agencies.

WriterZen offers one-time credit topping-up options. You can easily purchase items without spending too much. There are two versions:

  • AI Credit: These A.I credits can be used to perform Google NLP Analysis. To optimize each article, you will need 3 credits. This is to process the entity as well as the overall sentiment from the top 20 competitors in order to provide the best suggestions.
  • Keyword Credit: Keyword credit is used to perform Auto Clustering and Golden Keywords Filter functions. Each keyword scan earns 1 credit.

This is just the beginning. WriterZen offers a Combo Credit Package such as:

  • Solo (60 A.I Credits + 20,000 Keyword Credits)
  • Team (180 A.I. Credits + 40,000 Keyword credits)
  • Agency (600 A.I. Credits + 150,000 Keyword credits)

Group Buy WriterZen from Best SEO Tool

Group Buy WriterZen from Best SEO Tool


WriterZen Premium will be yours when you purchase from us at two different prices

  • Monthly Plan: $10
  • Annual Plan: $30

Because it’s a group purchase you’ll get the following:

  • Content Brief Monthly: 70 (Share for 7 users)
  • Topic Look Up Daily: 50 (Share for 7 users)
  • Keyword Look Up Daily: 250 (Share for 7 users)
  • Keyword Check Allintitle Monthly (100,000 (Share for 7 users)
  • Keyword Cluster Monthly: 100,000 (Share for 7 users)
  • Plagiarism Checker Daily: 40,000 (Share for 7 users)

If you want to try, you can check at here

Conclusion On WriterZen Review

WriterZen makes it easy to create engaging, unique content. With its easy-to-understand interface and features, you don’t need to worry about complicated designs or setting up settings.

You can also choose to list keywords that will generate maximum traffic to your pages/blog posts according to Google’s ranking algorithm. All you have to do is research these topics before starting to write anything.

Best SEO Tool hope you enjoyed my WriterZen review. You can ask any questions in the comments section below. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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