QuillBot Review – Best Paraphrasing tool for text rewriting

QuillBot Review – Best Paraphrasing tool for text rewriting
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In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have swept the world of writing, and in this Quillbot review, we’ll look at a strong online tool for rephrasing content to meet academic writing requirements. QuillBot is an artificial intelligence (AI) paraphrase application that rewrites information to make it easier to read, comprehend, and learn.

What is Quillbot?

QuillBot is a multi-featured AI writing tool that combines several editing features to help users to compose clean and short words.

Quillbot group buy
Quill bot group buy

Quill Bot’s paraphrasing tool, which was founded in 2017 and has over 50 million users globally, uses cutting-edge AI to aid millions of people in rewriting and refining any sentence, paragraph, or article.

Benefits of using Quillbot

Quillbot’s rapid paraphrasing allows users to swiftly create original content from a variety of sources.

  • Quill Bot is great for college and university students because it is an academic writing tool that can be used to write essays, dissertations, and research papers.
  • Marketing & SEO: Creating web or social media material might be difficult, but Quill bot can help you with it, whether it’s a full-fledged blog post or just a brief paragraph. While it lacks the SEO functionality of Jasper or Surfer SEO, it performs far better than other article rewriters or content spinners when it comes to paraphrasing.
  • Articles in the Media & News: Quill bot is a quick and easy solution to enhance your writing time if you work in the news or media, especially when working off press releases or related press materials. You’ll be able to paraphrase original source text into unique paragraphs or summarize long volumes of content to focus on the most important points.

Who can use Quillbot?

QuillBot is an excellent writing tool for academic reasons, therefore this is an excellent alternative for college and university students. Quillbot’s fast and simple method to enhance writing time can also assist those in the news, media, or marketing industries, which is especially handy when working with press releases or related public publications.

Pros and cons of Quillbot

In the Quillbot review we will show the pros and cons of the tool.


  • Generous free account usage
  • Advanced features & limits for paid accounts
  • Grammar checker replaces the need for Grammarly
  • Paraphrasing, summarizing & citation generation
  • Offers a Google Doc & Chrome Extension
  • 100% money-back guarantee (72 hr period)


  • Only 2 writing modes for free accounts
  • No GPT-3 AI free writing like Jasper AI
  • Manual intervention is often needed to pick the sentence structure and synonym choices that sound best

Main features of Quillbot

The main feature of Quillbot’s is the ability to rewrite sentences from existing articles and make them easier for you to read, understand, and learn. In the Quillbot review we will further analyze the main features of this tool, including:

Summarizer Tool & Limitations

QuillBot’s summarizer tool may help you distill the most significant information from articles, papers, and documents. Quillbot’s AI uses natural language processing to identify important information while keeping the original context.

Summarizer Tool & Limitations
Summarizer Tool & Limitations

Within the summary tool, there are two methods available:

  • Key Sentences is a bullet-list compilation of the most important sentences.
  • It will generate a separate paragraph that summarizes the topic with an adjustable length option in the paragraph format.

The Summarizer tool is limited to 25,000 characters per run in the subscription plan, while it is available in the free plan with a much lower limit of 10,000 characters.

Paraphrasing Tool & Limitations

Quillbot’s paraphrase tool, which employs GPT-3 and synonyms to rewrite any pasted text, is probably one of the greatest features.

Paraphrasing Tool & Limitations
Paraphrasing Tool & Limitations

Free version

The free version of the paraphrasing tool gives you a condensed experience only offering:

  • 700 character paraphraser limit
  • Only 2 sentences can be processed at once
  • 3 levels of synonym options
  • 2 writing modes
  • 1 freeze word or phrase
  • Support for Chrome & Doc extensions

Quillbot Premium

Quillbot’s Premium version provides a complete experience with the full power of their paraphrase tool:

  • Limit of 10,000 characters per paragraph
  • Up to 15 phrases can be handled simultaneously.
  • There are four degrees of synonym choices.
  • There are six main writing modes.
  • Words and phrases can be frozen indefinitely.
  • Chrome and Doc Extensions are supported.

Differences in Writing Modes

The free plan only allows you to use the Normal and Fluency settings, which are adequate but don’t provide you with as many options for creating effective yet unique outputs from their paraphrase tool.

QuillBot Premium gives you access to all six writing modes, including the two from the free plan (Normal & Fluency), as well as Creative mode, Shorten mode, Expand mode, and Formal mode.

Grammar Check Tool

Grammarly is one of many excellent grammar checkers available on the market. Quillbot‘s integrated Grammar Check tool detects and corrects a variety of punctuation and spelling errors. This saves time while rewriting material because the tool handles all of the heavy lifting.

Grammar Check Tool
Grammar Check Tool

All grammatical problems are detected with a single click, and solutions are suggested. When the grammar checker flags mistakes in your work, it acts as a visual cue to alert you to the issue (s). Due to their AI-powered models, Quillbot’s grammar checking is said to outperform other similar solutions on the market.

Citation Generator Tool

Quillbot has an integrated Citation Generator, which I’m not familiar with because I’m not creating academic papers or research. You can use the citation generator to create comprehensive and in-text citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

Citation Generator Tool
Citation Generator Tool

Making an MLA, Chicago, or APA book citation is simple, but you must follow the guidelines of the citation format. Because citing a website differs from citing a book due to the different mediums, this tool can help you with that as well.

AI Powered Thesaurus

The built-in thesaurus will automatically offer synonyms depending on the original wording’s relevance. Thesaurus offers similar words to ensure that the input and output are closely linked. QuillBot uses this function to make sentences sound natural and cohesive without being monotonous.

Compare Mode

When opposed to most paraphrasing tools, one of the great premium features Quillbot offers is the option to see all the different phrases and compare modes to see how they stack up against one another (not available in the free version). This saves time by providing a quick review of which sentence patterns sound the best when paraphrasing text, allowing you to choose those you like or avoid those that use needless words.

Extensions & Workflows

Through the usage of extensions, the Quill bot program improves workflows. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Google Chrome are the three programs it currently offers. You can use an extension like these to access Quillbot’s features and functionality without needing to open a new browser tab.

Quillbot Chrome addon is one of my favorites because it is simple to use and understand. Because I primarily use online text editors like Jarvis, WordPress, and SurferSEO, being able to paraphrase directly from within the native tools via the addon is quite useful.

A Plagiarism Checker

One feature that I believe the Quillbot team overlooked when developing this application is a plagiarism checker. When paraphrasing content at this size, having a mechanism to assess whether your text would pass a plagiarism check is critical for the great majority of users.

Plagiarism checkers are built-in to other applications like Grammarly, WriterZen, and Jasper, thus it makes reasonable for the Quill bot tool to do the same. Quill bot does show you how much your content has changed in percentage terms when compared to the pasted source material, but this isn’t as useful as a plagiarism analysis.

Compare Quillbot plan and Quillbot group buy price

Quillbot pricing plan

The pricing plans offered by this tool Quillbot are also very simple and affordable, so anyone can easily get started right away. The best part is that they also have a free Quillbot plan, which allows you used try out Quillbot services and find out if it really works for you. The features that come with the price that the tool supplier states on their sales website will be clearly analyzed for you in our Quillbot Review.

Quillbot pricing plan
Quillbot pricing plan

The Premium version of Quill bot is available at three different price points depending on how long you sign-up for at once:

  • Monthly: $14.95 ($179.40/yr)
  • 6-month: $59.99 ($119.98/yr)
  • Annual: $79.95/yr

Quillbot group buy price

Quillbot group buy price
Quillbot group buy price

At Best SEO Tool, you can choose 1 of 3 options:

  • Annual: $15.00
  • Trial: $1.00
  • Monthly: $3.00

You will get: Quillbot Premium Plan (Shared Account)

Conclusion about QuillBot Review

Through this Quillbot review, you were able to understand what Quillbot is as well as know the useful features of Quillbot.

If you’re looking for a paraphrase tool, Quillbot offers a viable option that combines great quality with a reasonable price. It isn’t as complex as some other machine learning tools on the market, but for those who understand its strengths and limitations, it provides a high-quality experience.

Hopefully, this QuillBot review has helped you better grasp the tool’s benefits, features, and pricing so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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